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X-RAY komendy do CS

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Dołączył: 22 Wrz 2009
Posty: 49
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Pomógł: 2 razy
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Skąd: Rumia

PostWysłany: Czw 13:46, 24 Wrz 2009 Temat postu: X-RAY komendy do CS

_preset [Minimum, Low, Default, High, Extreme] - Same as the in-game Quality Settings option.

ai_use_torch_dynamic_lights [on, off] - Same as the in-game NPC Flashlights option.

beclient -

bemsg [0,1] -

beserver -

bind [action,key] - Binds an action to a particular primary key.


bind_list - Lists current key bindings.

bind_sec [action,key] - Binds an action to a secondary key.

cam_inert [0.000,1.000] - Controls camera inertia.

cam_slide_inert [0.000,1.000]


cfg_load [filename.ltx] - Loads a configuration file with the specified name from the same directory as User.ltx.

cfg_save [filename.ltx] - Saves current configuration to a new .ltx file with the specified name in the same directory as User.ltx.



cl_cod_pickup_mode [0,1]

cl_dynamiccrosshair [on,off] - Same as in-game Dynamic Crosshair option.




clear_log New

demo_play [demoname] - Plays back a pre-recorded timedemo.

demo_record [demoname] - Records a timedemo.

demo_set_cam_position [0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000] - New

disconnect - Exists current game to main menu.

flush - Creates log of actions under the \STALKER-STSC\logs directory.

g_always_run [on,off] - Toggles always run/always walk.

g_autopickup [on,off]

g_backrun [on,off]

g_corpsenum [0,100]

g_dynamic_music [on,off] - Same as in-game Dynamic Music option. New

g_eventdelay [0,1000]

g_game_difficulty (gd_novice,gd_stalker,gd_veteran,gd_master) - Same as in-game Difficulty option.




g_swapteams - Swap team for artefacthunt game.

get_server_address - Lists server's IP address.

help - Lists all console commands.

hide - Hides console. New

hud_crosshair [on,off] - Same as in-game Show Crosshair option.

hud_crosshair_dist [on,off] - Same as in-game Crosshair Target Distance option.

hud_info [on,off] - Same as in-game NPC Identification option.
hud_weapon [on,off] - Same as in-game Show Weapon option.


list_actions - Lists all bindable character actions.

load [savename] - Loads the saved game with the name specified.

load_last_save - Loads last saved game

main_menu - Takes you straight to the game's main menu screen.

mm_mm_net_srv_dedicated [on,off]

mm_net_con_publicserver [on,off]

mm_net_con_spectator [1,32]

mm_net_con_spectator_on [on,off]


mm_net_filter_empty [on,off]

mm_net_filter_full [on,off]

mm_net_filter_listen [on,off]

mm_net_filter_pass [on,off]

mm_net_filter_wo_ff [on,off]

mm_net_filter_wo_pass [on,off]

mm_net_player_name [String]

mm_net_srv_gamemode [st_deathmatch,st_team_deathmatch,st_artefacthunt,st_capture_theartefact]

mm_net_srv_maxplayers [2,32]

mm_net_srv_name [String]

mm_net_srv_reinforcement_type [0,2]

mm_net_use_battleye [on,off] -

mm_net_weather_rateofchange [0.000,100.000]

mouse_invert [on,off] - Same as in-game Invert Mouse option.

mouse_sens [0.050,0.6000] - Same as in-game Mouse Sensitivity option.

name [String] - Sets your Player Name.


net_cl_icurvesize [0,2000]

net_cl_icurvetype [0,2]

net_cl_interpolation [-1.000,1.000]

net_cl_log_data [on,off]


net_compressor_enabled [0,1]

net_compressor_gather_stats [0,1]

net_compressor_status [info,info_full,on,off]

net_dbg_dump_ export_obj [0,1]

net_dbg_dump_import_obj [0,1]

net_dbg_dump_update_read [0,1]

net_dbg_dump_update_write [0,1]

net_dedicated_sleep [0,64]


net_sv_gpmode [0,2]

net_sv_log_data [on,off]

net_sv_pending_lim [0,10]

net_sv_update_rate [1,100]


ph_iterations [15,50]

quit - Exits game to Desktop.

r1_dlights [on,off] - Toggles dynamic lights, only impacts on torchlight.

r1_dlights_clip [10.000,150.000] - Sets dynamic light clip range.

r1_fog_luminance [0.200,5.000] - New

r1_glows_per_frame [2,32] - Controls maximum number of light sources.

r1_lmodel_lerp [0.000,0.333] - Controls the Linear Interpolation of lighting.

r1_no_detail_textures [on,off] - Same as in-game Disable Detail Textures setting. New

r1_pps_u [-1.000,1.000] - Controls Per Pixel Shader functionality.

r1_pps_v [-1.000,1.000] - Controls Per Pixel Shader functionality.

r1_ssa_lod_a [16.000,96.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

r1_ssa_lod_b [16.000,64.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

r1_tf_mipbias [-0.500,0.500] - Controls mipmap LOD bias which affects texture clarity.

r2_aa [on,off] - Toggles fake Antialiasing blur effect.

r2_aa_break [0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000] - Controls extent of fake AA.

r2_aa_kernel [0.300,0.700] - Controls overall blurriness of fake AA.

r2_aa_weight [0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000][0.000000,1.000000] - More precisely controls bluriness of fake AA.

r2_allow_r1_light [on,off] - Allows DX8 lighting under DX9 lighting model.

r2_detail_bump [on,off] - Same as in-game Detail Bump setting. New

r2_dof [-10000.000000,10000.000000][-10000.000000,10000.000000][-10000.000000,10000.000000] - Controls Depth of Field effect. New

r2_dof_enable [on,off] - Same as in-game Depth of Field setting. New

r2_dof_far [0.000,10000.000] - Controls Depth of Field effect on distant objects. New

r2_dof_focus [-10000.000,10000.000] - Determines area of Depth of Field which is in focus. New

r2_dof_kernel [0.000,10.000] - Controls overall level of Depth of Field blur. New

r2_dof_near [-10000.000,10000.000] - Controls Depth of Field effect on nearby objects. New

r2_dof_sky [-10000.000,10000.000] - Controls Depth of Field effect on the sky. New

r2_exp_donttest_shad [on,off] - New

r2_gi [on,off] - Toggles Global Illumination.

r2_gi_clip [0.000,0.100] - Controls Global Illumination clip distance.

r2_gi_depth [1,5] - Controls Global Illumination shadow depth.

r2_gi_photons [8,256] - Controls Global Illumination effect.

r2_gi_refl [0.001,0.990] - Controls Global Illumination reflectivity.

r2_gloss_factor [0.000,10.000] - Sets level of Specularity/gloss of objects.

r2_ls_bloom_fast [on,off] - Toggles enhanced Bloom effect.

r2_ls_bloom_kernel_b [0.010,1.000] - Determines level of haze from HDR/Bloom effect.

r2_ls_bloom_kernel_g [1.000,7.000]

r2_ls_bloom_kernel_scale [0.500,2.000]

r2_ls_bloom_speed [0.000,100.000]

r2_ls_bloom_threshold [0.000,1.000] - Controls overall level of the lighting effect used.

r2_ls_depth_bias [-0.500,0.500] - Controls how far visible light sources shine.

r2_ls_depth_scale [0.500,1.500] - Controls the impact of lighting on shadows.

r2_ls_dsm_kernel [0.100,3.000]

r2_ls_psm_kernel [0.100,3.000]

r2_ls_squality [0.500,1.000] - Same as in-game Shadow Quality option.

r2_ls_ssm_kernel [0.500,1.000]

r2_mblur [0.000,1.000] - Controls Motion Blur effect. Only works if -mblur switch is also enabled, doesn't work in Enhanced Full Dynamic Lighting modes.

r2_parallax_h [0.000,0.500] - Controls Parallax Mapping which affects texture surface depth; not the same as Steep Parallax.

r2_slight_fade [0.200,1.000] - Same as in-game Lighting Distance option.

r2_soft_particles [on,off] - Same as in-game Soft Particles option.

r2_ssa_lod_a [16.000,96.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

r2_ssa_lod_b [32.000,64.000] - Controls Level of Detail in game world.

r2_ssao [st_opt_off,st_opt_low,st_opt_medium,st_opt_high] - Same as in-game SSAO option. New

r2_ssao_blur [on,off] - New

r2_steep_parallax [on,off] - Same as in-game Steep Parallax option. New

r2_sun [on,off] - Same as in-game Sun Shadow option.

r2_sun_depth_far_bias [-0.500,0.500]

r2_sun_depth_far_scale [0.500,1.500]

r2_sun_depth_near_bias [-0.500,0.500]

r2_sun_depth_near_scale [0.500,1.500]

r2_sun_details [on,off]

r2_sun_far [51.000,180.000] - Controls strength of sunlight. New

r2_sun_focus [on,off]

r2_sun_lumscale [-1.000,3.000] - Brightness of Sun's light.

r2_sun_lumscale_amb [0.000,3.000] - Brightness of ambient light from Sun.

r2_sun_lumscale_hemi [0.000,3.000]

r2_sun_near [1.000,50.000]

r2_sun_near_border [0.500,1.000]

r2_sun_quality [st_opt_low,st_opt_medium,st_opt_high] - Same as in-game Sun Quality option. New

r2_sun_shafts [st_opt_off,st_opt_low,st_opt_medium,st_opt_high] - Same as in-game Sun Rays option. New

r2_sun_tsm [on,off]

r2_sun_tsm_bias [-0.500,0.500]

r2_sun_tsm_proj [0.001,0.800]

r2_tf_mipbias [-0.500,0.500] - Controls mipmap LOD bias which affects texture clarity.

r2_tonemap [on,off] - Toggles Tone Mapping effect for the HDR lighting.

r2_tonemap_adaptation [0.010,10.000]

r2_tonemap_amount [0.000,1.000]

r2_tonemap_lowlum [0.000,1.000] - Controls effect of tone mapping on darker areas.

r2_tonemap_middlegray [0.000,2.000] - Controls overall look of HDR effect.

r2_volumetric_lights [on,off] - Same as in-game Volumetric Light option. New

r2_wait_sleep [0,1]

r2_zfill [on,off]

r2_zfill_depth [0.001,0.500]

r2em [0.000,4.000]

r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces [on,off] - Same as in-game Wet Surfaces option. New

r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces_far [30.000,100.000] - Controls Wet Surfaces effect on distant objects. New

r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces_near [10.000,70.000] - Controls Wet Surfaces effect on nearby objects. New

r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces_sm_res [64,2048] - Controls resolution of Wet Surfaces effect. New

r3_gbuffer_opt [on,off] - Controls potential g-buffer optimization. New

r3_msaa [st_opt_off,2x,4x,8x] - Determines whether MultiSampling AA is allowed in DX10 mode, and the sample rate. New

r3_volumetric_smoke [on,off] - Same as in-game Volumetric Smoke option. New

r__detail_density [0.200,0.600] - Same as in-game Grass Density option.

r__dtex_range [5.000,175.000] - Controls distance at which Detail Textures are visible. New

r__geometry_lod [0.100,1.200] - Same as in-game Object Detail option.

r__supersample [1,8] - Same as in-game Antialiasing option.

r__tf_aniso [1,16] - Same as in-game Anisotropic Filtering option.

r__wallmark_ttl [1.000,300.000] - Determines length of time decals remain visible. New


renderer [renderer_r1,renderer_r2a,renderer_r2,renderer_r2.5,renderer_r3] - Same as in-game Render option.

rs_c_brightness [0.500,1.500] - Same as in-game Brightness option.

rs_c_contrast [0.500,1.500]- Same as in-game Contrast option.

rs_c_gamma [0.500,1.500]- Same as in-game Gamma option.

rs_cam_pos [on,off] - New

rs_fullscreen [on,off] - Same as in-game Full Screen option.

rs_refresh_60hz [on,off] - Same as in-game Frequency 60Hz option.

rs_stats [on,off] - Toggles display of game engine statistics, including FPS.

rs_v_sync [on,off]- Same as in-game Vertical Sync option.

rs_vis_distance [0.400,1.500]- Same as in-game Vision Distance option.

save [savename] - Saves the current game under the name specified (default is quicksave).

screenshot [1] - Saves a JPG screenshot under the \STALKER-STCS\screenshots directory.

snd_acceleration [on,off] - Toggles hardware sound acceleration.

snd_cache_size [4,32] - Sets size of sound cache.

snd_efx [on,off] - Toggles Sound Effects on or off.

snd_restart - Restarts the sound engine; should be used after altering any snd_ variables.

snd_targets [4,32] - Sets the maximum number of channels for audio.

snd_volume_eff [0.000,1.000] - Same as in-game SFX Volume option.

snd_volume_music [0.000,1.000]- Same as in-game Music Volume option.


stat_memory - Toggles the display of memory-related statistics for the game engine.

sv_activated_return [0,1]


sv_anomalies_enabled [0,1]

sv_anomalies_length [0,180]

sv_artefect_respawn_delta [0,600]

sv_artefact_returning_time [0,300] New

sv_artefact_spawn_force [0,1]

sv_artefact_stay_time [0,180]

sv_artefacts_count [1,100]

sv_auto_team_balance [0,1]

sv_auto_team_swap [0,1]

sv_banplayer [name]

sv_banplayer_ip [IP]

sv_bearercantsprint [0,1]




sv_client_reconnect_time [0,60]

sv_console_update_rate [1,100]

sv_dedicated_server_update_rate [1,1000]

sv_dmgblockindicator [0,1]

sv_dmgblocktime [0,600]


sv_dump_online_statistics_period [0,60]

sv_forcerespawn [0,3600]

sv_fraglimit [0,100]

sv_friendly_indicators [0,1]

sv_friendly_names [0,1]

sv_friendlyfire [0.000,2.000]

sv_hail_to_winner_time [0,60]

sv_invincible_time [0,60] New




sv_max_ping_limit [1,2000]



sv_pda_hunt [0,1]


sv_reinforcement_time [-1,3600]

sv_remove_corpse [-1,1]

sv_remove_weapon [-1,1]


sv_returnplayers [0,1]

sv_rpoint_freeze_time [0,60000]



sv_shieldedbases [0,1]

sv_show_player_scores_time [1,20] New

sv_spectr_firsteye [0,1]

sv_spectr_freefly [0,1]

sv_spectr_freelook [0,1]

sv_spectr_lookat [0,1]

sv_spectr_teamcamera [0,1]


sv_statistic_collect [0,1]



sv_teamkill_limit [0,100]

sv_teamkill_punish [0,1]

sv_timelimit [0,180]


sv_vote_enabled [0,255]

sv_vote_participants [0,1]

sv_vote_quota [0.000,1.000]

sv_vote_time [0.500,10.000]


sv_warm_up [0,3600]

texture_lod [0,4] - Same as in-game Texture Detail option.

unbind [action] - Unbinds any primary keys from the specified action.


unbind_sec [action] - Unbinds any secondary keys from the specified action.

unbindall - Unbinds all keys from all actions.

vid_mode [WxH] - Same as in-game Resolution option.

vid_restart - Restarts the graphics engine.

wpn_aim_toggle [0,1] - Toggles Weapons Zoom aiming. New

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PostWysłany: Czw 17:12, 24 Wrz 2009 Temat postu:

wyczesane, szczegolni podoba mi sie komenda:


jej atrybutami moga byc:
g_kill [player name u want to kill] [quickly/slowly] [headshot/eyeshot]


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